Note from Sue:

Choosing someone to read for you is a very personal and private matter.

Please be selective. Feel comfortable with your choice.

A readers purpose
is to give you guidance and insight. Never make decisions for you!

It is my honor to read for you and my hope to give you guidance that
empowers you to make choices regarding your life's path.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only


A reading with Sue will consist of cards (oracle to warm up), a crystal & stone toss to see what our stone friends say.

You will be asked to hold the stones in your cupped hands, warm them, and then gently drop them.

Each stone represents something and their placement on the medicine wheel offers insight. Each drop is unique and special and with Sue's interpretation and guidance, they tell a wonderful story of your life.

If time allots or there are questions unanswered, a simple tarot reading is given. This to is a unique experience as the cards let you look at your life with a past, present and future pictorial.

My purpose is to provide you with insight regarding your life's journey.

10 minutes for $20.00

15 minutes for $30.00

20 minutes for $40.00

$125.00 per hour with first half hour discounted to $50.00

Available for corporate parties and events.
Free 30 minute reading if you host a home party with five or more guests!

For an appointment or more information
call Sue (000)000-0000 or e-mail

“Sue Wilks has a different way of helping me “clear the confusion” in my life. She is an excellent intuitive that uses her Native American background and her natual kindness to assist me in understanding and helping me with my future. Mrs Wilks uses her humor along with many “different” oracle cards to help guide her in order to give me a GREAT reading. I've worked with Sue for over 10 years. She is the Best! Simply the BEST!”
— Darlene Denning, Teacher of Palm Reading & Numerology

Other products and services include:

  • essential oils
  • customized essential oil blending
  • reiki
  • ionic detox
  • classes offered in various spiritual modalities (contact Sue for schedule)
  • private instruction also available

“I would like to share with you my first experience in meeting with Sue. It was in 2007 during a major life change. I was faced with divorce and it was a difficult and scary time in my life. Sue's calm demeanor and spiritual strength drew me to her. It was a chance meeting that placed her into my life. I knew she was the right person to read for me. I was nervous. She talked casually with me and made sure I was calm and comfortable before we began our session.

She amazed me right off the bat with her accurate depiction of my life to date. Things she couldn't have possibly known flowed from her with ease. She had my full attention…As she continued I began to see the potential for betterment in my life; and to also see the positive aspects of my own person that I hadn't necessarily been feeling, given the circumstances. She lovingly nudged me with her encouraging words to make the needed changes to obtain peace and joy in my world.

Life now has a different perspective for me as a result of my reading with Sue. My spirituality has blossomed. I believe in myself and my ability to manifest positive forces and peaceful surroundings. Many blessings to Sue and to each of you as you consider this Divine gift of insight!”
— Karen McDonough-

For an appointment or more information please call Sue (000) 000-0000 or e-mail Sue

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